Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet #23

Sitting alone at the table. Finished my lunch and looking at people at the somewhat dirty and old coffee shop.

Looking at the people buzzing around as they quickly ordered their food and finding a place to sit to have a quick lunch before getting back to work. Looking at people of different gender, different age, different race, different colour - makes me wonder. Everyone has something to do. They know what they need to do right after their lunch.

A student - goes to tuition or goes to school.
A office worker - gets back to office and get their work done.
A sales person - make appointment with their customers to get more sales.

What about me? What is my duty of the day? What is my aim? What am I suppose to do? Having asking myself the same question over and over and I have yet have an answer to that. I suppose most people would be facing this problem. However, how many of us actually sit and think it over and take action over it?

I myself have yet to take any actions to solve my own problem. While I am sitting here observing people and wishing the time to fly as fast as possible - wishing the shorter hand of the clock to reach the figure 5. At the same time, I wished that time would slow down in the night as I will enjoy the moment in the night and wishing it would stop and I would not go to work the very next day.

A wish is a wish, a dream is a dream that would not come true.

Sweet sugarbabes

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  1. Dear, this life. God wont give what U wants. Chill life goes on.