Monday, July 23, 2012

Sweet #23

Sitting alone at the table. Finished my lunch and looking at people at the somewhat dirty and old coffee shop.

Looking at the people buzzing around as they quickly ordered their food and finding a place to sit to have a quick lunch before getting back to work. Looking at people of different gender, different age, different race, different colour - makes me wonder. Everyone has something to do. They know what they need to do right after their lunch.

A student - goes to tuition or goes to school.
A office worker - gets back to office and get their work done.
A sales person - make appointment with their customers to get more sales.

What about me? What is my duty of the day? What is my aim? What am I suppose to do? Having asking myself the same question over and over and I have yet have an answer to that. I suppose most people would be facing this problem. However, how many of us actually sit and think it over and take action over it?

I myself have yet to take any actions to solve my own problem. While I am sitting here observing people and wishing the time to fly as fast as possible - wishing the shorter hand of the clock to reach the figure 5. At the same time, I wished that time would slow down in the night as I will enjoy the moment in the night and wishing it would stop and I would not go to work the very next day.

A wish is a wish, a dream is a dream that would not come true.

Sweet sugarbabes

Sweet #22

Drains me up badly. 

20th July 2012: 
Works from 9am-5pm as usual. 
Rushed back home from office after my normal working hours. 
Had a short and quick dinner at home. 
Helped my beloved dear to finish up his work. *Not complaining* 
Attend a birthday bash. 

Having to attend a birthday bash on a Friday would be lovely. Enjoyed my night with the girls but it was a tiring day. 

 Happy Birthday, Mandy Mok!! 

21st July 2012:
Work my ass off again from 9am -1pm. 
Went for a short lunch. 
Watched Bands of Brothers at home. 


22nd July 2012: 
3am - Wakes up and drives down to KL.
7.30am - Reached Puchong, KL. 
8.00am - Packs up everything
9.00am - Finished packing
10.00am - Breakfast
10.30am - Rest 
1.30am - Drives to Pavilion, KL
2.30pm - Heads back to PG
6.00pm - Reached PG
6.30pm - Dinner 
7.00pm - Sleep 

It was a tiring weekend and drains up all my energy which I slept for 12hours straight. 

However, no matter how tiring it was, it would not drain me up as badly as - one call from 

*Their way of draining me up is just extreme and would just spoil your mood* 
Just wished I had them as my sandbag to be punched and kicked as I like. 

Sweet Sugarbabes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet #21

First of all, a big


As I was away from the blog for almost 2 months. I know I shouldn't be saying this but I was freaking busy for the past two months over exam and work. 
*FYI: I am a part time student and a full time worker.*

Anyways, UPDATES for the past 2 months: 

1. Preparation of exam - 1 month plus
2. Exam period - 3 weeks
3. Moving of office and setting up new office - few weeks. Lost track of calculating the time. 
4. Looking for a new job opportunity - haven't found one yet.  Grrr.. Damn! 
5. Celebrated my love's bday and bought a wallet. 

6. Hang out with friends - to be updated.
7. Got my predicted examination results!! Thought I was going to fail my accounts I've passed ALL!! 

8. Celebrated birthdays - to be updated 
9. Attended wedding dinner - to be updated
10. Attended Hennessy event @ Straits Quay, Penang - more updates

11. And Bla .. bla.. bla..

That's about it. If I were to write too much, I think you will be bored about it.  

Sweet Sugarbabes

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet #20

Define ...  MOOD

According to the dictionary, mood means:-
1. a state or quality of feeling at a particular time
2. a distinctive emotional quality or character
3. a prevailing emotional tone or general attitude
4. a frame of mind disposed or receptive, as to some activity or thing
5. a state of sullenness, gloom or bad temper

What's your mood now?
Adapted from

Everyone has their emotions. A feeling that you can't resist. It just comes naturally regardless how much you would like to control it. How much or how well can you control your emotions and hid it from others? An emotion like something or someone that sparks the fire in you. Different situation gives you different emotion. The spark can be good or bad. Good will gives you smiles, laughter and happiness that relaxes you in whole. On the other hand, Bad will gives you anger, frustration, irritation and sadness that tense you up in return. 

How much do you experience the good spark and the bad spark in a day? If a bad sparks prolongs for a long time, it will sucked out all the strength in you like a vacuum cleaner or a Dementor . You will feel restless and tired - unable to do anything but just being lazy in whole. 

Question is... How to overcome this?

The answer is always looking back at yourself and get the answer from yourself. 

Sweet Sugarbabes

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sweet #19

The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

It's only Thursday but this song had already indicated my mood, my emotions, my feeling of being.... 


How lazy can you be? Me...?? 
I can barely keep my eyes open. I can barely open my books to study. I can barely looked into the computer. I can barely work. I can barely blogged. I can barely open my facebook to check on my news feed or my notifications. I can barely do ... basically ANYTHING. 

Now you tell me, AM I LAZY enough? When will only my engine start...? It's been off so quite sometime now. I just feel like cuddling on my bed. Hugging my love to sleep or just plainly hugging my doggie and stay there. I need the drive to start working, to start studying, to start exercising, to start doing something useful... 

Sweet Sugarbabes

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sweet #18

Step Up 4

Passion to dance? 

The music that moved you deeply from the inside. How long has it been since I danced and felt the passion over it? I don't even remember it myself. Its been years and I would really love to get the touch and the feeling back. Should I join the gym or the dance class? Just to enjoy it and sweat it all out? 

Sweet Sugarbabes

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sweet #17

Hero by Enrique Iglesias

Who's the hero of your life? If you have at least one hero in your life, be grateful and happy. If you still haven't found that hero of yours, he'll turn up one fine day that you least expected. 

Sweet Sugarbabes

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sweet #16

What will melt your heart? I guess to most people its the moment where you least expected or when another person gives you thing you desire the most? Another question comes in - what is the thing that you desire the most or least expected?

A present?
A dream house?
A dream car?
A touching proposal?
A suprise?
A graduation?
A new born?

It can be anything. To me, I had the heart melting moment this morning. It just melted my heart instantly when the words were utter out from his mouth.

A minor accident happened to me this morning thank god no bodily injury and he was my hero of the day. He dealt with the crazy & weird driver. The usual thing people would do is end up scolding me because I was careless enough not to look properly and been driving recklessly. However, he melted my heart when he was comforting me instead of scolding me. He said, "Not to worry. It's alright." After that, I went to work and a simple call was received from him and he said again, "Not to worry. It's alright. Don't be scared."

A simple call. Few simple words - Just melted my heart.

Here, I would like to thank HIM for entering my life and brighten my day. Made me felt like a baby, a princess, a queen.. as day passes by.

Therefore, this post is dedicated to him and only him alone. *Kisses*

Sweet Sugarbabes

Monday, April 16, 2012

Sweet #15

It's been two years since I abandon this blog and started writing once again.

This blog was suppose to be sweet sugarbabes - as sweet as taking a piece of chocolate, or a sweet, or even an ice-cream. However, life had been bitter for the past 2 years. The bitterness that I could not even describe with words. The darkness that couldn't go away and the sunlight that could never seem to appear once again. The dark had engulf me in whole.

However, the saying where there's rainbow after the rain - is TRUE. The bitter moment had passed. I had once again found the sweetness that I had lost a very long time ago. The sun once again shined my paths. I can feel the warm that surrounds me once again - the warmth that embraces me.

The tear that used to run down my face are no longer there. It is now replaced with a SMILE!

He can always make me SMILE deep down from my heart. *love*

Sweet Sugarbabes

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sweet #14

Life is like a burning candle,
It may burn out in decades,
It may burn out in years,
It may as well burn out in seconds.

You're living like a ticking bomb,
It ticks and runs,
You may or may not know,
The exact time it explodes.

Some may know how much time they've left,
But some may not,
Some may even cut the wires out,
And the clock runs wild down to zero in no time.

What have you done with your life?
Have you enjoyed it yet?
Or you've overworked,
And burned your life out?

Treasure those around you,
Treasure their presence,
Don't burn your life out,
And regret that you've done nothing.

Composed by: Sharon Ung.
14th May 2010

Sweet Sugarbabe